The best real state destination in its category is at Los Cabos

Wake up every morning with a gorgeous ocean view

Why you must live in Duara Los Cabos



Located at TEZAL, one of the locations with biggest added value



Wide open spaces designed for your family, the best investment



Club House equipped with pool and weightlifting gym. Terrace, events room and green areas for a natural landscape



Controlled access gate and CCTV

Duara Los Cabos is the perfect retreat to enjoy a life of cultural and gastronomic richness

San Jose, the historic center, with its colorful buildings and enchanting cobblestone streets where you will be able to find various art galleries and restaurants. Every Thursday the streets of the city are closed off allowing for pedestrians to walk around and explore freely. As galleries open their doors with a variety of paintings, sculptures and ceramics pedestrians are then able to soak in the
city and art.

If you visit San Jose the art houses/galleries that you can’t miss include:


-Galería Casa Dahlia, this is a gallery with a blend of brilliantly glossy adobe and contemporary pieces


-El Armario, offers an immense selection of popular art from different regions of Mexico


-Frank Arnold, with oil paintings that reveal his love for light and color. Including works of art that have been exhibited in museums in the United Stated and in Mexico.


-Galería Corsica, specializes in figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures


-Galería La Dolce, houses pieces of art from national and international artist with modern paintings which adopt color, texture and self-expression.


Discover the cultural richness and colonial architectural heritage of Todos Santos


A magical town for artists and surfers alike home of the famous Hotel California. A town with excellent restaurants and a pleasant climate.


Walking through its charming streets adorned with colonial buildings and multitude of art galleries you wont help but be intrigued by its more than 20 art galleries from national and foreign artist.


Todos Santos has several festivals throughout the year such as “The Art Festival” held in February, “The Reggae Festival” which happens the first week of March; “The Latino Film Festival” going on during the month of October at the same time as the patron saint festivities where you can enjoy folk dances, equestrian competitions along with other different cultural events. Allowing you to look forward to a variety of festivals happening throughout the seasons.


If you enjoy being outdoors and exploring, then the surrounding of Todos Santos will be perfect for you as there are many places for you to explore nature and all its beauty as well as having excellent ecotourism tours.

Meet with nature and ecoturism at Los Cabos!

Baja California has the longest peninsula in the world and a great diversity of climates where the north of Los Cabos is desert offering extraordinary landscapes of mountains and valleys and the ultimate desert experience. The Mexican giant cardon is one of the most iconic plants of this area with large unique white flowers growing from a cactus native to this region of northern Baja California.


The sea of Cortez is home to endless species of fish and mammals, a clear example of this is in the winter when Baja California welcomes in to its warm waters the majestic gray whale.
Nowadays visitors can have the opportunity to observe these natural wonders from a safe distance, they can be seen from the coasts, or even terraces of hotels and restaurants. There are professionally operated tours with corresponding permits to ensure this activity providing you with such a rare and unique experience.


The biosphere of Cabo Pulmo once described as “The Aquarium of the World” by Jaques Cousteau, is located 17 km from the La Ribera (a nearby village). Cabo Pulmo is the ideal place to explore the sea as it is the only coral reef on the coast of the eastern pacific. Its diversity and abundance of marine species is astounding as it is home to more than 220 specifies of fish, 10 species of corals and an endless number of invertebrates and algae. Making it the ideal place to get close to nature.


Los Cabos it’s a privileged spot in Mexico.
Most important activities are golf and sport fishing


Los Cabos has an abundance of especies of fish that will amaze you such as that of spearfish, gold fish, tuna, and wahoo making Los Cabos a unique place to enjoy fishing. Currently hosting a multitude of highly prestigious fishing tournaments throughout the year. Some of the award- winning fish weighing in at 395 pounds with prizes worth over a million dollars. Making Los Cabos
the place to be if you are a fishing enthusiast.


Among some of the most important tournaments:


-Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament

-Stars & Stripes Tournament

-East Cape Dorado Shootout

-Los Cabos Billfish Tournament


If your interest is golf, then you have chosen the best place since Los Cabos has been named the 2017 best golf destination in Latin America and the Caribbean by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO).


Los Cabos has 14 golf courses and is ranked as one of the best gold destinations in the world, as the climate is excellent and you can expect to have at least 350 sunny days a year allowing the golf courses to stay in optimal conditions. Golf is an ever expanding sport in Los Cabos and there are constantly new additions being made such as new golf courses so you can rest assured that you will have a great experience playing golf in Los Cabos.

The most delightful gastronomy: Los Cabos

Enjoy Los Cabos through its gastronomy experience original dishes with a variety of cooking styles and with a unique service. Here you can count on eating very delicious and regional cuisine as well as you’ll be able to find very exclusive restaurants which offer gourmet dishes of international stature where you can experience a satisfying and complete culinary experience.


Due to the opening of many large hotels in the area the demand for quality cuisine specialist is immense, that is why Los Cabos counts with a variety of avant-garde chefs, mixologist and sommeliers who are recognized worldwide in their art


An icon in particular known for his originality in Japanese cuisine is Nick- San; Oswaldo Vásquez from the restaurant “ La Revolución”  stands out for being an excellent mixologist and for creating new drinks and for his skills with the mixing of liquors; While for the quality of his dishes “El toro Latin Kitchen & Bar”,  under the direction of Richard Sandoval and “Piaf” by Chef Aurelien Legeay, are just a few of the favorite’s.


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